Little Safari Cognitive Skills Quiet Book


Limited Quantity as books are all made with great detail by the loving hands of our Artisans 

• Made of high-quality cotton blend and OEKO-TEX® felt fabric
• Handmade and Heirloom Quality - 100% sewn cloth book (no glue) 
• Lightweight & portable
• Creative play and practical skills
• Problem solving, basic numeracy, and color matching
• Each book sold sends a girl to school in need

Our busy books empower little ones by helping them practice real-life skills easily translated to real life! Each book contains sensory, literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, and basic math while opening a world of creative play.

Practical skills are frustration-free and fun when your little one practices using our super smart button on an elasticated cord, making it easier for little hands to manipulate. Or perhaps they will try threading the lion's mane to practice those fine motor skills and dexterity, eventually translated to tying shoelaces, doing up their zippers, or snap fasteners. They will be brimming with pride that they can do it themselves!

Does your little one love roaring like a lion or pretending to be a monkey? Our book brings all of their safari animals to life! The threading activity is even around a lion's mane as well as a super adorable pet page! They will be creating fun worlds of imaginative play, keeping them occupied for hours!

Peekaboo is such a universal game for children, and we wanted to include it with a sweet little owlet playing peekaboo with her wings.

Let your little one open the book up, and they will be greeted with the cutest lion in the savannah with a thread-able mane! Who says practical skills have to be boring! Let them practice their fine motor skills and build a translatable skill to tying their shoes. Ask them to narrate the colors as they are threading or point at various colours. The little lion's legs can be moved, and mane can be pulled closed and open – but I wouldn't try that on a real lion!! The safari theme continues with the adorable animals in the safari truck. It has all your child's favorite zoo animals with a panda, giraffe, fox, lion, monkey, elephant, and hippo! Mimicking animals is one of the first universal games children learn, and what better way to incorporate it than into your easy to take anywhere book. Let your child act like a monkey or rawr like a lion; your little one will be bursting with laughter. Another great way you can use the finger puppets is as a story aid to animate any tale; using them is sure to delight. Or simply allow your little one to play on their own, building their own stories and adventures.

Turn the page and discover a firm favorite with toddlers, a choo choo train; but included is a range of the most common geometric shapes. Have your child shadow match each shape and talk about how many corners or sides each one has. Ask them what color the triangle is, or to unbutton and button the cloud. Perhaps take a few shapes out and hide one and ask your little to flex those neurons and remember which one is missing! This early introduction to problem solving and math is an essential skill to learn at any age, especially young children. Studies show that babies have a basic understanding of math, and as such, not shying away from simple problem solving helps develop their analytical brain…and it's fun!

Turn another page, and you will find an adorable duck with a food basket. Have your toddler feed the red button or yellow! Finally, your little one has a choice of a cat, bunny rabbit, dog, or mouse! Have them open their mouth and practice their routines by brushing their teeth with the toothbrush and toothpaste. Let your little one match the animal with the food by feeding the cheese, fish, bone, or carrot – there is no wrong way to play with this book, and we can know that the book will bring lots of joy at home or on the go!