Toddler Numeracy Quiet Book


Our early numeracy book is a good opportunity to start talking about early mathematic concepts, colours and shapes :)

Start counting early, research shows that infants have understanding of basic numeracy! So take the opportunity to teach them! When your little is younger, ask them to sort colours, matching the green apple with the green basket and the red apple in the red basket. Once they have this mastered, ask them to place two red apples in the red basket for example or how many are left on the tree. Place the green apples in the red basket and ask them to fix it! The next page introduces simple shape matching and a narrative to talk about geometric shapes, how many corners and how many sides? The next page is a super fun creative play activity, to store all the socks into the washing machine and then pull them out and sort them, toddlers love this activity! On another page, we have a fishing game with a magnetic fishing rod which is excellent for the development of fine motor skills. Ask them to pick the green fish or red fish. Finally, a great shape stacker puzzle which is A LOT harder than it looks, designed to grow with your child. 

  • Made of high-quality cotton blend and  OEKO-TEX® felt fabric 
  • 100% sewn cloth book (no glue) for longevity
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Early Numeracy, problem solving
  • Creative play, Dexterity