Toddler Colour Quiet Book


It’s never too early to immerse your child into the wonderful world of books. Whether it’s learning colors, recognizing shapes and animals, solving puzzles or giving those little hands a fine motor work out, our interactive fabric books stimulate senses and encourage early development.

With soft pages, bright bold colours, delicate details, your child will love this right from the very first turn of the page.

The caterpillar can be removed and stuck back on in different sequences patterns with the cloud on a elasticated thread button, easy for little fingers to manipulate. Next there is an adorable umbrella with a colour matching water droplet game. The colourful ball puzzle on the other page with shadow matching is A LOT harder than it looks with the centre of the ball not centred to increase complexity. Cheep cheep, who loves geometric shapes which are also little birds on the tree branches! What a fun way to learn shapes and start a narrative with you! A two piece puzzle is an excellent way to get those cogs turning and develop a love for puzzles, with very relatable pictures, fruits and vegetables!!! Take only one half away to start and work up to taking one whole puzzle off and then all of them off, increasing complexity as the book grows with the child. In the last pages, we have the cutest game, animal tail matching! How cute! We've included some colour sequencing in a little fence too. 

  • Made of high-quality cotton blend and  OEKO-TEX® felt fabric 
  • 100% sewn cloth book (no glue) for longevity
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Practical skills, creative play
  • Problem solving