The Buzzy Quiet Book


Limited Quantity as books are all made with great detail by the loving hands of our Artisans 

• Made of high-quality cotton blend and OEKO-TEX® felt fabric
• Handmade and Heirloom quality - 100% sewn cloth book
• Lightweight & portable
• Creative play and practical skills
• Problem solving, basic numeracy, and color matching
• Each book sold sends a girl to school in need

Our busy books empower little ones by helping them practice real-life skills easily translated to real life! Each book contains sensory, literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, and basic math while opening a world of creative play.

Practical skills are frustration-free and fun when your little one practices using our super smart button on an elasticated cord, making it easier for little hands to manipulate. Or perhaps they will try threading the caterpillar through the apple to practice those fine motor skills and dexterity, eventually translated to tying shoelaces, doing up their zippers, or snap fasteners. They will be brimming with pride that they can do it themselves!

Toddlers LOVE insects, yep, they really do, so what is more fitting than creating a super adorable bug-themed book. They will spend hours matching ladybug colors, geometric bug shapes, or playing with the sweet finger puppet barnyard. Did you know animal sounds are an important prerequisite to first words? So let's dive in…

The front page is a super colorful ladybug with a nesting puzzle. The "nesting" concept is an excellent tool for teaching your little on many concepts such as spatial awareness, the language of comparison (big, bigger, small, smaller), and prepositions (inside, outside, under, over). Your little one can practice buttoning too by pulling on the elasticated button.

The next page is a super fun ladybug matching flower. Match the colors and count while your little one places them on the petal. On the other side is a super cute insect matching puzzle. While matching, ask your little one to identify the shapes of each insect, whether the shape is oval, square, triangle, or circle.

Turn the page to find a super cute insect-themed threading activity. Ask your little one to thread the little caterpillar in and out while he enjoys a scrumptious apple as an introduction to threading and fine motor skills. Next, turn your little ones attention to the musical themed ladybug page. Cause and effect is a beautiful concept for little ones to learn, and this ladybug-shaped maraca will do just that. Let your little one shake the rattle to music while learning about beat and cadence. The other maraca is a super cute puzzle with a button which can be moved to different colors. A great game to develop their fine motor skills and understanding of colors.

Turn the page to find all the barnyard favorites and a great tool to develop early language skills. It is universal that kids love mimicking animals, so have fun and ask your little one to sound out moo, baa, oink, which are a great precursors to their first words.

On the final page is an emotion wheel. Toddlers struggle to identify emotions, and this often ends up in frustration and inevitable tantrums. The best way to teach a toddler emotion is to demonstrate or identify emotion as a child demonstrates it. Use this emotion wheel in a range of ways. You can ask the child who is feeling an emotion to use the spinning arrow to point towards their emotions. You can then describe to them the feeling and talk through the emotion. You can have a game and ask your little one to point to emotion and act it out. Be silly, angry, happy, and sad. Being able to experience a feeling and describe it will decrease frustration and help your little one work through difficult emotions. You can refer to this incredibly relatable emotion wheel at any time during the day to help your little one communicate and understand the emotion they are experiencing!