Little Medic Creative Play Quiet Book



This book is truly dedicated to the real front-line heroes and heroines who have helped us through this pandemic.

Limited Quantity as books are all made with great detail by the loving hands of our Artisans 

• Made of high-quality cotton blend and OEKO-TEX® felt fabric
• Handmade and Heirloom quality - 100% sewn cloth book
• Lightweight & portable
• Creative play and practical skills
• Problem solving, basic numeracy, and color matching
• Each book sold sends a girl to school in need

Our busy books empower little ones by helping them practice real-life skills easily translated to real life! Each book contains sensory, literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, and basic math while opening a world of creative play.

Practical skills are frustration-free and fun when your little one practices using our super smart button on an elasticated cord, making it easier for little hands to manipulate. Or perhaps they will try threading the pockets on scrubs to practice those fine motor skills and dexterity, eventually translated to tying shoelaces, doing up their zippers, or snap fasteners. They will be brimming with pride that they can do it themselves!

Our kids LOVE playing medic! They loved treating their toys or us and nursing us back to health! However, a full medical kit took up space and was super bulky to transport. So…we put it all (and medical-style cars and patients and food for the patients) and all crammed into this book. This book has a full (yes fully loaded) doctors kit. They will be creating countless fun worlds of imaginative play, keeping them occupied for hours!

On the front cover is an ambulance with a pull-off cross and an area your little one can put a photo of themselves! The doctor is removable and can be taken out of the front page and into the next page to treat their three patients.

Open the next page to discover all the classic elements of a doctors kit; a syringe that moves, thermometer, pills, hot water bottle, pill bottles, writing board, and a real-life stethoscope. Let your little one pretend play for hours treating the patients and treating their other toys or you!! Each patient has different fine motor skills to practice with; the first girl has a tie-able cast, flip her over to find another little girl with a buckling activity, and finally a little girl with a broken leg in a wheelchair with a removable wheel to practice buttoning while enhancing fine motor skills. The different size patients in a "nesting" concept is an excellent tool to teaching your little one many ideas such as spatial awareness, the language of comparison (big, bigger, small, smaller), and prepositions (inside, outside, under, over).

Turn the page to find an adorable two-piece fruit puzzle with different fruits which can be used to feed the patients on the previous page. If your little one is younger, start by removing only half of the puzzle and slowly work up to removing the entire puzzle at once. Next, find different medical theme vehicles with a vehicle wheel match game. The vehicles are also removable for free play.

Turn the page and discover a maze activity with a button that can be moved to different medical-themed items. This puzzle is built around an important early childhood development concept: things may look different, but their category is the same. For example, the bandage in the kit is larger and pink, but the bandage in the puzzle is small and brown. They are both bandages, but they look different. This helps little ones start to understand categories. Place the various pieces onto the puzzle and have your little one use their fine motor skills to guide the button to the correct item. Finally, your little one will discover scrubs on the final page, but they are missing pockets! Let your little one flex their fine motor skills by sewing on pockets with the included lace. Your little one will spend hours playing with this medical-themed book at home and on the go while developing many skills.